” Alzeda Advanced” collagen hair therapy set

230.00 AED


“Alzeda Advanced” collagen hair therapy

Enriched with low molecular collagen and oils, It includes 4 products for complete restoration of the scalp and hair.

  • Delicate (100% sulfate-free) shampoo “Alzeda Advanced” with a hypoallergenic composition, intended for people with a sensitive scalp, prone to itching, dandruff, seborrhea and often poor maintenance of the hair follicle – hair fall;
  • Restoring conditioner “Alzeda Advanced” – perfectly conditions the hair and makes it easy to shape the desired hairstyle. Hair becomes smooth and soft to the touch after using the product;
  • Regenerating hair mask “Alzeda Advanced” – intensive nourishment of the hair from the root to the ends of the lengths. It thickens thin hair, hydrates the scalp and it is effective in case of hair fall. The product creates a protective film on the hair from the harmful effects of the environment. Hair visibly improves its appearance;
  • “Alzeda Advanced” collagen milk for hair – a complex and innovative product both in terms of results and method of application. Collagen milk is a stable (non-flaking) emulsion of collagen and oils for hydrating, combing and shaping unruly hair. The product has a light styling effect to naturally shape and hold the curls. It is used before a hair dryer, press or other thermal treatment because it has thermal protection;




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