Bulgarian Rose Water 1000ml

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1000 ml

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100% Natural Rose Water made by an age-old distillation process using fresh Bulgarian Rose blossoms, spring water and naturally procured Rose Oil.

This soothing and restoring natural spray is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and anti-aging properties. Bulgarian Rose Water is the ideal product to refresh your skin, especially during these times when our faces are covered with makeup causing dry skin and ‘maskne’

Keep our new refill size bottle of Bulgarian Rose Water on hand and use it to:

  • Refill your Bulgarian Rose Water Spray bottle
  • Tame Dry and Unruly Hair
  • As a facial cleanser
  • Refresh tired eyes
  • Condition hair
  • As a facial toner

1 review for Bulgarian Rose Water 1000ml

  1. amina bin nasser (verified owner)

    An easy-to-access website, quick to use, and ordering in a very cool way

    The products are diverse and the price is very reasonable

    Payment is very easy

    Please tell me about offers and discounts every time

    Thank you

    • Nadya

      Dear Amina, many thanks for your review.
      We are glad to receive such a positive feedback and we will make sure to inform you each time we have offers.
      Best Regards 🙏🌹

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